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Occupation: I am a Personal Trainer, a national fitness model and competitive bodybuilder.

My Personal Goal:
I am Interested in pursuing my bodybuilding career, and I’m also trying to further my career as a top national fitness model and/or modeling for print work as well as online fitness/modeling sites. I am driven and persistent in obtaining the goals I set for myself. I believe that with hard work and determination as well as perseverance, success is obtainable.

Bio: I was born in Clarksville, Indiana. I am the oldest of three children; I have one brother and a step-brother. We were raised in Southern Indiana. Growing up, I was always active in sports, playing different positions in basketball and football, and I also played tennis. It was my competitive nature in sports which instilled in me the need to be, and stay, physically fit. I have always had the desire to be one step ahead of the others, both physically and athletically in sports.

Advice and tips:

If I was to give some advice for those just starting out or those who are continuing to pursue the fitness/bodybuilding lifestyle, I would say if you have a top goal or a dream in your life, never get discouraged or give up. It takes years of discipline and working out to obtain your goals. You may not see results at first but you have to keep pushing, because just when you’re thinking about giving up or thinking you can’t do it anymore; that is usually when a breakthrough occurs. I can tell you this from deep inside cause I started from the bottom now I’m here! Keep your head in the game and your eye on the prize and you will reach your goal. Best of luck in your own personal fitness goals, and if you want or need encouragement, feel free to hit me up and I will provide you with the motivation needed to reach your goals.

Personal Stats

Age: 24
Hometown: Charlestown, Indiana
Current Residence: Scottsdale, AZ
Years Training: 7
Competing Since: 2008
Height: 6’4″
Contest Weight: 220
Off-season Weight: 240
Education: Community College

Competitive Record:

  • Nov. 2010 – SECOND PLACE- NPC Western Regional, Open Heavyweight Novice Division
  • Mar. 2011 – FIRST PLACE – NPC Natural Western Championship, Open Heavyweight Division
  • Nov. 2011 – FIRST PLACE – Musclemania – Las Vegas, American Junior Heavyweight Championship Division
  • June 2012 – FIRST PLACE – Musclemania – Miami, World Junior Heavyweight Championship Division
  • Nov. 2012 – FIRST PLACE – Musclemania – Las Vegas, Open Heavyweight Championship Division
  • Jul. 2013 – FIRST PLACE – Mr. Arizona – Phoenix, Super Heavyweight Division
  • Nov. 2013 – FIRST PLACE – Arizona NPC Western Reg. Mens Physique – Class G

Other information

Training Methodology

Todays fitness methods are a lot different then the old school days of Arnold and Frank Zane. Everybody wants to try new techniques or use new equipment but I like to stick to the old school methods. To me plain and simple is the way to go and here at Upton Fitness we feel thats what you get the best results from.[…]

Professional Memberships

NPC(National Physique Committee)


YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Every bit of food stuff we consume is a potential source of energy fueling our mental and physical performances. This energy more commonly known as the calorie is essential to our health but can quickly turn into a health hazard if unbalanced. […]

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